Watt Bike Coaching

The watt bike is like no other indoor bike. It collects real time data such as Heart Rate and power output so that a rider can improve both fitness and cycling technique using benefits of the Watt Bike:

  • Structured training to help you become stronger at tackling climbs
  • Perfect your pedalling technique
  • Use HR and power output to gauge fatigue
  • Use Watt Bike to gain fitness needed for other sports: Rugby, Football, Boxing etcwatt bike

Contact DBSM for Watt Bike Testing:

6 sec peak power

30 sec sprint test

Sub maximal ramp test

Maximal Ramp Test

3 min Aerobic Test

10 min progress check

20 min Threshold test

Also Book our Watt Bike for training to get the most out of your training hours. Why not raise your fitness to the next level by incorporating Altitude during your Watt Bike training session. Train above the rest by using high Altitude Training.

It never gets easier, you just get faster” –Greg Lemond