DBSM Team testing followed VIP fun night booked in local nightclub and overnight camping @ DBSM 04785470 
Tents sleeping bags & breakfast supplied

DBSM Performance TestingCamping 1

Are you getting the most out of your training and maximising your sporting potential? Why not get a greater understanding of your athletic ability and identify any strengths or weaknesses through our DBSM athlete/player performance testing services. Whether you’re an individual athlete or a team we can cater for your specific testing needs while highlighting any underlying injuries. Athletes/players will receive personalised feedback with the option of a follow up re-testing day undertaken to monitor progress. At DBSM Centre of Excellence we have experience and are open to all sports including golf, boxing, triathlon, athletics, swimming, basketball, GAA, rugby, and soccer. Want to change your game and get that added edge over opponents then contact DBSM Centre of Excellence today on 047-85470.

Athlete/Player Performance Testing:
• Movement Screen

• Speed & Agility
-10 metre, 30 metre , 5-10-5 Agility

• Power Testing
- Counter Movement Jump, Standing Long Jump

• Strength Testing
- Push Ups, Pull Ups, Inverted Row, Core Strength, Max Bench & Max Squat *Depending on group*Camping 4

• Endurance Testing
- YoYo Intermittent Level 2

Squad of 11-20 €25 per person
Squad of 21-30 €20 per person
Squad of 31-40 €15 per person

Optional Extras:
- Planned & Periodised athlete/player development programmes
- Retesting Day
- Educational Presentations 
-Sports Nutrition presentation
-Sports Psychology presentation
-Injury Prevention/Prehab & Recovery presentation
- Onsite catering Services

Camping 2 Camping 3