What is Shockwave Therapy?
Shockwave therapy is a revolutionary treatment, which uses acoustic shockwaves to treat tendonopathies, muscles aches & pains, osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy spasticity and delayed union and non-union fractures. 
How it works?
A handheld device generates Shockwaves, which are delivered to the target tissue through the skin. These shockwaves can penetrate up to 40mm deep and different pressure and impulses can be set according to the specific treatment.
At first the treatment causes an analgesic affect, which numbs the pain around the target area. In order for patients to reap the benefits of shockwave therapy a collection of 4-6 treatments is recommended.
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Benefits of Shockwave Therapy
Studies have shown that shockwave therapy;
Relieves pain in more than 80% of patients even after just three treatments
Is a substitute for surgery in many cases
No injections or medications are necessary
The treatment is safe and effective
Large evidence base with many studies carried out with supporting evidence for shockwave therapy.
Plays a key role in top sports and sports centres. 
What can Shockwave Therapy be used for?
Shockwave therapy has been used on different types of injuries throughout various locations on the body. These injuries include;
Muscle Aches & Pains
See the graphic below for a more in depth look at the injuries which shockwave therapy has treated successfully.
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shockwave athlete
Where has it been used before?
Shockwave has been used in the Olympics right back until Athens in 2004, Major football clubs such as Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea, AC Milan and PSG are known to use shockwave frequently.
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