If you don’t eat according to your goals. Don’t expect to reach them

Our philosophy for nutritional support at DBSM is that our advise should be easily understood and as effective as possible. The key to this is empowering individual athletes to design their own diet that caters for their demands. A team is a sum off all its parts thus their education benefits not only the individual but the team as a whole. The greater contact hours our nutritionists have the greater the impact they can have on athletes eating habits, overall health and thus performance.

 Our registered dieticians and performance nutritionists provide

  • Group education on nutrition for performance,
  • Weekly monitoring of group and priority individuals through diet monitoring.
  • Programmed  body composition testing and goal setting
  • Individualised meal plans
  • Individual squad member diet and lifestyle analysis and guidance for muscle gain, weight loss, injury rehab and fitness enhancement.
  • Planning of Squad nutritional strategies around games, tournaments, pre- season and in season training loads.

Our input can be as much as you wish with packages to suit all sports teams and levels.

Contact our Performance Nutritionist John Thomas Treanor Msc. on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details