Lactate Testing Service at DBSM

Winning margins are extremely small and training time is precious and limited. It is therefore essential that athletes are able to train and recover optimally to be able to deliver their performance potential when needed.

At DBSM, our goal is to assist coaches and athletes in developing and delivering training programmes that maximise the effectiveness of training and competition performance.

DBSM are now offering a full range of physiological and fitness assessments to help athletes and teams unlock their athletic potential. Both individual and group testing options are available to include lab based, field based and sport specific testing.

Lactate profiling and training zones provision

A lactate threshold test is an incremental exhaustive test that can be done easily on our watt or treadmill and generally is 30-45 minutes in length. There will be blood samples taken from the earlobe or finger in each time section throughout the test. These samples are analysed for lactate values and are presented in a lactate graph. The lactate values allow for threshold values to be calculated and form the subsequent training zones.

A lactate test measures the point at which blood lactate is produced at a greater rate than it can be cleared, also known as an athletes’ lactate threshold. When working above this threshold, greater energy consumption is required as the athlete is working anaerobically, resulting in early onset of fatigue.

Improvements in lactate threshold correlate closely with improvements in performance

By identifying an athletes’ lactate threshold, they can train intelligently to improve their threshold using the appropriate training zones obtained. This method has the additional advantage of improving their ability to utilize fat for energy, sparing glycogen stores.

The correlation between lactate accumulation and neuromuscular fatigue is extremely high. Furthermore, neuromuscular fatigue can contribute to injury and cramping. By helping an athlete improve their lactate threshold, DBSM can help them improve their work capacity over in a race, match or other activities.

The information gathered from blood samples as well as heart rate, speeds, power output, cadence from our Wattbike and custom treadmill allow us combined with the coach and athlete to design a training schedule that efficiently uses the correct intensities for training aiding in preventing both under training and overtraining.