John Thomas Treanor  has a passion for improving the health of individuals in their day to day lives and maximising performance of athletes who compete at the all levels.

Holding a Bachelors Honours Degree in Sports and Exercise Science and a Masters Degree in Exercise Nutrition from University of Ulster he has worked with professional Rugby in Ireland and Australia. Most recently with Super 14s Rugby Union Melbourne Rebels as an assistant performance nutritionist, gaining experience and knowledge working with some of the best Sport Science and Nutrition related professionals in the southern hemisphere. He has also worked with athletes at sub elite and amateur levels in a range of sports as well as in the private sector with individuals referred for varied health risk factors and goals such as pre diabetes, obesity, other metabolic disorders and weight loss.

John Thomas believes in developing nutrition and exercise strategies which are best suited for each individual’s personalities and goals. He thrives to maximise performance of athletes through applying the best methods of practise available through evidence based research in the field physiology and nutrition.

With his background in Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning he has a keen interest in the relationship between training load, athletic development and performance as well as the implementation of progressive training program design for athletes.

Having recently moved home to Ireland he is excited in using his knowledge and experience to aid his client in achieving their own individual goals.

Services provided

Personalised Nutrition Plans to Suit Training Requirements and Physiological Demands of Training.

One on One Weight Loss Consultancy

Group Consultation / Education

Nutrition Interventions to Improve General Health

Healthy Eating Habit Building

Dietary Analysis

Body Composition Measurements

Implementation Strategies:

Increasing Muscle Mass

Athletic Performance Nutrition

Pre, Intra and Post Competition / Training Strategies

Optimising Immune Function for Athletes

Monitoring Training Loads for Prevention of Illness and Injury