Here in DBSM Centre of Excellence, our staff all share one common objective – ensuring you achieve your goals. Whether you are an elderly lady, wanting to regain independence and walk again after a knee operation, or an ironman determined to shave off that crucial ten minutes from your finish time from last year, we provide services for all walks of life. From injury rehabilitation, to improving sporting performance, all of our clients have one thing in common - they want to progress or improve in their chosen field. And we are here to make sure nothing gets in their way.  

But there’s always one frequent stumbling block we find in our clients that makes a lot of their good work to achieve their ambition hit a plateau - they aren’t basing their work around a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, solid nutritional choices.

 The common phrase you hear is “you are what you eat”, and no matter what aspect of your physical condition you want to improve, this phrase could never be truer. When asked, most people believe they have a general idea of what good nutrition is. In recent years, public awareness of the importance of diet and nutrition has undoubtedly increased – particularly with the rise of social media. Now, you can read a short article on any random health related topic you want in just one click, like the newest danger to your waistline, or the unstoppable, and ever expanding, market of the newest miracle nutritional supplements.

Not only does this jungle of often conflicting information serve to confuse, mislead and ultimately demotivate, when taken out of context, these snippets of research are like a dentist’s drill. In the hands of the expert they are painless and effective, but used by someone with no formal training, well, results can be disastrous to your end goals – making fixing the problem even more difficult.

The simple fact is despite what is often promised there is no one answer fits all in regard to nutrition for athletic performance, weight loss or health. All individuals have different body types, body composition, lifestyles, training loads, likes and dislikes. Too often a generic diet promises to answer your weight problems, and although short term goals may be achieved, research and real life experience on my part have constantly demonstrated that strict dieting inevitably leads to greater weight gain when eventually the wheels fall off the wagon.

Working with a professional to structure a sustainable eating habit, be it for health or athletic performance, is key to your long term success.

And that’s exactly what we do. Our approach in DBSM is to treat each client as an individual. Our qualified nutritionists and dieticians take into account the important factors in your life, and the specific barriers that stop you achieving your goals. This can be anything from work life balance, cooking ability or general knowledge of food choices. We then assess your goals and set a plan to achieve them. This begins by providing an analysis of your diet and an education of any pitfalls present, leading in to building together sustainable eating habits to keep you healthy and happy.

In DBSM we set no limits as to what you can achieve in regards to health, fitness, performance or rehabilitation. Visit or call DBSM for further information on our nutritional, sports and conditioning, personal training or physiotherapy services.


IBS Clinic

Coming up in September is our IBS clinic, run by our resident dietician, and Olympic team nutritionist, Dr. Sharon Madigan. This will address individuals who experience symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The clinic will take place over a two month period in cohesion with our nutritional staff to help identify and eliminate what causes your symptoms of Bowel discomfort.

Tell a friend who may be suffering from IBS Symptoms or call now for more information on this great service. Limited spaces are available.

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John Thomas Treanor

Performance Nutritionist DBSM